Wholesale Rhinestone Earrings


Korea Design Wholesale Rhinestone Earrings
3 pairs / lot
Processing Time: 4 days
Delivery Time: 34 days
Free Shipping: Air Mail

Why Rhinestone Earrings

The nice part about choosing earrings is that they come in so many different styles and designs. You can also find them with different types of materials used in the design such as silver, gold or platinum or with stones. You can also choose from earring styles that are small and delicate or long and elegant. But this Rhinestone Earrings is for sure combination of all. Not only the materials but also is an accessories that match with all your outfits!

This rhinestone earrings can be a perfect gifts for any occasions for your special ones. This rhinestone earrings shows your heart and your taste.

Wholesale Rhinestone Earrings Details

  • We provide only wholesale and no retails. Our products are sold in 1 lot (3 pairs / lot).
  • FREE SHIPPING to US, UK, CA, AU and Europe.
  • For Russian customers, please contact us prior to purchase as we do not deliver to certain parts in Russia.
  • Price: USD $17 / lot (3 pairs)
  • Average price: USD $5.60 / pair

The products take approx. 38 days to reach your place. The products will reach us in 4 days from our factory, therefore it will take approx. 34 + 4 days to reach you. We do provide express delivery at additional charges of USD $65 – USD $100 so that you can receive the products within 4 days. Please contact us should you need this express service.

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