Ribbon Necklace Wholesale


Ribbon Necklace Wholesale
2 pieces / lot
Processing Time: 4 days
Delivery Time: 34 days
Free Shipping: Air Mail

Ribbon Necklace For Women

Many women do not like to wear metal necklace, one reason is that relatively heavy, and secondly, some women’s skin more sensitive to metal necklace ink traces as often in the neck and also some women are allergic to gold and silver. Is there a necklace with ribbon design, but also can use the popular elements increase the charm of women. This ribbon necklace that we have not only show the charms but also make you a fashion diva.

Why Need To Take a Ribbon Necklace

I believe you will fall in love to this ribbon necklace that we have. Beside ribbon, it use rhinestone in the design. Instantly show the radiance of your feminine side! Fashion diva this ribbon necklace will definitely make you the most stunning person in any place or any occasions. This ribbon necklace jewelry not only outstanding but also it is very eye catching and trendy. Simple outfit can go well with this jewelry too. This jewelry for sure adds to the beauty of women.

Ribbon Necklace Details

Material: Acrylic
Length: 90 cm
Shapepattern: Water Drop

Ribbon Necklace Wholesale Details

  • We provide only wholesale and no retails. Our products are sold in 1 lot (2 pieces / lot).
  • FREE SHIPPING to US, UK, CA, AU and Europe.
  • For Russian customers, please contact us prior to purchase as we do not deliver to certain parts in Russia.
  • Price: USD $16.40 / lot (2 pieces)
  • Average price: USD $8.20 / piece

The products take approx. 38 days to reach your place. The products will reach us in 4 days from our factory, therefore it will take approx. 34 + 4 days to reach you. We do provide express delivery at additional charges of USD $65 – USD $100 so that you can receive the products within 4 days. Please contact us should you need this express service.

Ribbon Necklace Wholesale

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