Wholesale Gold LOVE Fashion Necklace


Wholesale Gold LOVE Fashion Necklace
30 pieces / lot
Processing Time: 4 days
Delivery Time: 34 days
Free Shipping: Air Mail

Gold LOVE Fashion Necklace For Women

To women, they always exposed the neck. From neck you can determined the age. But mostly women do not care about it. But to some women, they are careful with it so they often wear a fashion necklace. When you read fashion magazines or read some actress’s news. Mostly you do not care the neck but you will tend to see more what is on their neck. Therefore matching accessories with you clothing are important. Besides it is very sweet at your neckline. Go with a dress or a simple of your favorite tee. It makes your looks sweet and cute too.

About Gold LOVE Fashion Necklace

The design of this necklace is inspired from numerous design. Because we found that many popular necklace tend to prefer to use letter as a necklace pendant and it adds more meaning to it too. It creates attention and is more attractive. In order to avoid too dull in this necklace that is using gold color we studded with pearls. Women love pearls cos it helps to brings out the elegance of you. Also it enhance the color of gold. Wearing it no doubt show your characters and it looks elegance and class. In addition, this necklace is using the letter “Love”. Because of the special meaning of the letter, it has also become a very good gifts from men. Very suitable for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day etc.

Gold LOVE Fashion Necklace Wholesale Review

Based on our previous customers’ feedback. 27 customer left 5 star ratings. Top selling item in our wholesale store necklace category.


Gold LOVE Fashion Necklace Details

Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Material: Metal
Length: 43 cm
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

Gold LOVE Fashion Necklace Wholesale Details

  • We provide only wholesale and no retails. Our products are sold in 1 lot (30 pieces / lot).
  • FREE SHIPPING to US, UK, CA, AU and Europe.
  • For Russian customers, please contact us prior to purchase as we do not deliver to certain parts in Russia.
  • Price: USD $15.60 / lot (30 pieces)
  • Average price: USD $0.52 / piece

The products take approx. 38 days to reach your place. The products will reach us in 4 days from our factory, therefore it will take approx. 34 + 4 days to reach you. We do provide express delivery at additional charges of USD $65 – USD $100 so that you can receive the products within 4 days. Please contact us should you need this express service.

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