Wholesale Necklace Sets


Wholesale Silver Necklace Sets For Women
1 set / lot
Processing Time: 4 days
Delivery Time: 34 days
Free Shipping: Air Mail

Wholesale Silver Necklace Sets

Silver is one of the few metals. Due to its color in white, almost all women can accept it. Plus the price for silver is inexpensive therefore silver is popular.

Matching your clothes are important. Many jewelry designer thinks that designing a set of jewelry is a challenge because designers have to consider all look of the women. Some people prefer a simple necklace with many gems on the jewelry. Mostly jewelry set does not include a ring but use bracelet because necklace and bracelet have more room for matching your clothes. The jewelry that without gems on it make it more easy to match any of your clothing.

Using silver as the main material this silver plated jewelry set has used a simple and easy to match design concept. The adjustable length enable women to wear with their preferable style. Without a fixed length, it looks more natural. Wear it long over your favorite tee for a casual outing, or double it to beautifully frame a round neckline for an evening cocktail soiree. This necklace sets are worth to have and never out of fashion! Cos this is a silver necklace set and silver tends to make you look younger!

The Necklace sets come with one bracelet and one necklace.

About Silver Necklace Sets

  • One piece necklace + 1 piece bracelet
  • Necklace size: 18inch*4mm
  • Necklace weight: 26g
  • Bracelet size: 8inch*4mm
  • Bracelet weight: 20g
  • Material: 925 Silver

Wholesale Necklace Sets Details

  • We provide only wholesale and no retails. Our products are sold in 1 set (1 piece / set).
  • FREE SHIPPING to US, UK, CA, AU and Europe.
  • For Russian customers, please contact us prior to purchase as we do not deliver to certain parts in Russia.
  • Price: USD $17.55 / set (1 piece)

The products take approx. 38 days to reach your place. The products will reach us in 4 days from our factory, therefore it will take approx. 34 + 4 days to reach you. We do provide express delivery at additional charges of USD $65 – USD $100 so that you can receive the products within 4 days. Please contact us should you need this express service.

Wholesale Necklace Sets, Wholesale Silver Jewelry

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